Local Music School Launches ‘Cabin Fever Busters’ To Help Students Try Something New

Irmo, S.C. (WOLO) — Businesses across the country remain shut down because of COVID-19, and that includes music schools. But one local school is still teaching music virtually, and now offering even more free services for its students.

Being under quarantine isn’t stopping Columbia Arts Academy music students from learning.

“Music is a powerful thing, especially in a time of tragedy, I think it brings people together,” said Marty Fort, Director of Columbia Arts Academy. “For us, it’s an awesome feeling to keep the students going with their music education, it’s an awesome feeling to keep our teachers going with their work and their vocation, and it’s an awesome thing to keep our staff going at the same time.”

Private lessons are continuing, but now they have access to ‘Cabin Fever Busters.’ It’s an online group that offers free lessons, classes, games and contests.

“As long as they’re a current student, they’re getting a variety of classes from ukelele, to young kid’s classes, to musical yoga, to virtual choir, to guitar so we are all online and practicing safe social distancing. We’re still making music, and keeping our students engaged,” said Fort.

“I think the school has taken this time, which is pretty challenging, and turned it into something really creative and cool for the students. They’re getting a lot more than they were before,”  said Jody Summers, a parent of a student who’s taking drum lessons and now a member of this group.

Cabin Fever Busters is comprised of music students and teachers from all across the country.

“There are teachers from all over the country who are joining in on this. So you can get on there and you can do a beginning guitar lesson with a teacher who’s posting a video,” said Summers.

Parents say they’re thankful music lessons can continue, and that there are these free services to give their kids something to do.

“I think the fact that the school did not close down, and that they’re offering online lessons is great because it gives him a sense of normalcy and the schedule that he’s used to that he can look forward to,” said Summers.

With a ton of new lessons to be learned, there’s no time like the present to try a new instrument.

“He got on there and learned things about music theory and other things he wouldn’t normally have been exposed to. So it’s really good, it’s helping with his boredom,” said Summers. “If your child’s not taking music lessons, this is a great time to join because it’ll give them something to do and they can be exposed to different instruments at first and get an idea of what sticks for them, and what they like.”

“I have cabin fever too. We’ve been doing online lessons now for weeks, so this has definitely been vital. Not only for the students’ mental health but for ours as well,” said Fort.

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